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There are many different ways to understand and define values.

Values are the beliefs that you choose to guide your life.

Values dictate your priorities that tell you how you are spending your time right here and right now.

Values motivate our actions and help us make decisions. 

Values are universal concepts, which unite people. Values can include concepts like fairness, justice, freedom, and equality.

Values are intimately related to our needs: Whatever we need—whatever is important to us or what is missing from our lives—is what we value.

Identifying your values require being brave and shedding light on the sides of ourselves we might not like to expose to the light or admit to.

One of the ways to look at values is to see them as aspirational and authentic values.

Aspirational values are values that you really want to see come to life and be true.  When you review your current reality, you may notice that in your current reality, they are not currently represented.  

Authentic values drive your behavior. They motivate the choices you make.

Authentic values represent what is true and consistent about ourselves; both what is great and inspiring, as well as what is shadow. ( something we might not like) 


One of the quick ways to identify the difference between your aspirational values and authentic values is to do a quick view of your value list ( we will be making one of these later!) – if you value time in nature, but the last time you spent any time in nature was when your friend dragged you out camping… that would be an aspirational value rather than an authentic one.