Topic Progress:

The end goal for this program and for this session  is coherence and congruence.


A deeper understanding and wisdom of who and what you are.

Being clear on what you stand for and how effective and aligned your thoughts, beliefs and actions will assist in getting to the FEELING of impact.

Being able to know that you are spending it with purpose and direction is a reward worth working for.



This to me means better alinging your thoughts and your actions towards a specific direction- the end goal of both is to get to a place where we live and act  in a more harmonious and effective way- using our time to leave this world and ourselves a better version then what we first started with.

The image I use to help me is:

I imagine my values and beliefs as small pieces of magnetic material that are all swirling around facing different directions.

My aim is for all of them to be pointing towards my true north ( or southern cross) – the larger magnet that draws them and powers me to move in a consistent steady direction forward.