Oh hey there!

Nice to meet you!

I am a curiously optimistic human who cares deeply about the current state of the world, and the future we are creating.

I love creating things that I feel will help in making the world a better place.

My work is a direct reflection of my values – I believe that everything is interconnected.  

I feel the more alignment of thoughts, words, and actions around our values we can bring into the lives, the better off our future will be.

I like to think that we all have a choice as to how we think, act, and be in the world- I work on creating pathways for people, entrepreneurs, and businesses to orient more towards a more connected, compassionate, and kinder world. 

Aside from Pathways, I also run a consulting company called InterwovenHQ- where we accelerate the growth of those interested in making the world a better place.

We do this through building practical educational frameworks around blended value entrepreneurship, help companies incorporate SDG’s into their value chains, and create research-grounded strategies for those interested in scaling social impact.


Thank you for deciding to spend your time with me.

I look forward to walking the pathway of impact together