Are you feeling like the world is on fire and you don’t know where to start from to make a difference?

Feeling a growing sense of overwhelm and anxious about the future?

Welcome to pathways to impact- personal theory of change.

This program aims to help you to reaffirm your personal values and actions, and align them with something you care about and want to make a difference with.

Over a period of 21 days ( which includes 5 learning workshops, implementation and celebration time) we will be drawing on methods both from the personal development arena and the lean startup world. 


At the end of this process, you will have:


  • Clearly defined and aligned set of values, beliefs, and actions
  • Understanding and connection with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
  • Your own personal theory of change
  • Reusable framework for experimentation 
  • Measurable impact  

Along the way we are going to share, keep each other on track and celebrate our growth