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Are you feeling a growing sense of frustration about the way the world seems to be heading these days?


Are you someone who wants to do SOMETHING, anything but are unsure as to what the MOST effective action to take is?

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Let’s face it- the current state of the world is not the most positive one.

There have been what seems to be a never-ending series of escalating events that seem to be heading in one clear direction and it is not a positive one.

Coronavirus, Bushfires, drought, political corruption, social uprising, fake news, global pandemic- Who knows what is next.

The uncertainty, the lack of clarity on how, where, and what to do to make things better can be confusing and downright depressing.

Small is beautiful

Learn how to make small effective steps towards a better world

We teach you to think like KRILL


Krill, the tiny crustacean that lives in the ocean and is a food source for whales, penguins, and dolphins.

They are smaller than your fingernail- YET they have a massive impact on their environment. 

They swim in large groups that can be seen from space.

Their motion cause eddies in the water, that mix different layers of the ocean together.

They also may be responsible for some of the ocean currents.

Krill, maybe small but united and focused they are powerful.


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In four easy steps you can learn how to become like Krill

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